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We need storage service for occasions such as unfinished home construction, to many acquired belongings or perhaps you just don’t have the time to unload and unpack your belongings. Whatever your reason for needing this service Detroit Storage can provide you with solutions.

Detroit storage is located in a very accessible and secured area. It is equipped with advance security system to make sure all stored belongings are safe. They have storage manager that you can talk to for your personal request. The facility is weather, pest and temperature controlled it can withstand all kinds of condition. Your belongings will certainly be safe and secured with Detroit Storage. You can use the storage for days, weeks, months, years or for as long as you want. We provide personalize key to our storage unit you can be sure that your belongings are confined and safe. We have various storage unit sizes from small up to large units. Whatever it is you need to store we can accommodate it.

Moving is already painful and stressful but you can lessen your burden by choosing Detroit storage to store your belongings while you go through the moving process.

Dial us now for more information and details. Who knows you might be one of our lucky customers to avail our daily promos.